Morning Tea 😃😃

Get used to being there for yourself.

Those people you count on will not always be there… and it’s not always their own making.

Continue to strive

I don’t know where you are or what you might me going through but I have something to say to you today. BE HAPPY! The present is more important what you do now with what you have and where you are matters don’t over think or stress it. Just be happy. We can’t just look like what we passing through. Take things easy everyday, one step at a time. WE CANT LIVE IN FEAR.

Today is better than yesterday 😊

Morning thoughts

Adulthood sucks. Sometimes you are confused sometimes you are focused. One time you’re negative the other time positive. Sometimes you feel like crying. Sometimes you are your biggest motivation. Sometimes you are certain your aim is reached other times you ask yourself is it worth it?

Mixed feelings suck. I hate not knowing what to do not knowing how to feel or act 😫😫

Does anyone relate at all???

If it didn’t happen in pictures it didn’t happen at all

To live you must photograph as much as you can and to photograph as much as you can you must either live in the most photographable way possible or else consider photographable every moment of your life 🤪
The first leads to stupidity, the second leads to madness lol

crafted from a book 🙂 called Difficult loves

Right now I’m not just talking about life pictures but also about the pictures from our minds. You have to envision whatever it is you want to achieve your aim. But don’t overthink it so you won’t make mistakes or lose your sanity. Imaginations can birth reality but be careful not to be extremely delusional as well.

If you can relate to this post do me a favor and comment your thoughts below. If it inspired you, don’t forget to appreciate it. ❤️

Good feeling 😀

So I finally got to publish my book WHAT MEN DO on Wattpad.

What Men Do is a romance novel written out of cheer curiosity. It’s basically what it means just like the name implies.

Different women with different men. Experiences left them with impressions good and bad about men.

Natalia had a little experience of being with men who are unavailable… then she met Michael.

Michael never thought a day in his life would come when he’d have to settle with a woman he just met…

Click on the link to find out what Men actually do 😌🤗 Read on Wattpad ☺️

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Get to know me 🤗

Hi there. Call me crimson. Welcome to my wonderful home. I’ve always wanted to be here with you guys😀 so Uhm, feel free to relate to me whenever you can. I love writing reading thinking traveling and making new friends.

Writing is a whole new world to me. Which is why I decided to create this fam. Writing is artistic to me, cause I get to be, feel or create anything I want. I hope that along the line y’all get to have fun being here with me 😌😊🤗❤️ haha let’s start by y’all telling me your names and what your art is … I’ll be waiting.

Yaas that’s me right there 👇🏼🙈☺️